Sunday, April 24, 2011


I need to overhaul my inspiration blog roll on my food blog .. thats one long task.. also have to update the recipe index.. poof
My current blog roll is a mix of a lot of bread blogs, baking blogs, veggie and non veggie and some other mixed blogs. I guess it is difficult for everyone to keep up the variety and change on their blogs..I struggle to keep the blog interesting as well. Also with a shift to vegan options as much as possible, I also need some interesting as well as likable(my palate is a bit restricted and cautious to totally new ingredients or recipes, and i do not like tofu, seitan and other meat substitutes). So I am looking to vegan blogs and trying to add the interesting one to the google reader, facebook as well as the blog roll on my blog.
Theres more to life than butter and sugar, and blogs baking buttery and sweet cakes and cookies and decorating need to be moved to separate blogroll!!
no wonder hubbs says that my mind is so occupied these days planning something or the other.. Thats the problem with no deadline.. work keeps piling up!

The sun's gone on a vacation after a short trip to seattle last week.. Back to grey rainy days!

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