Monday, April 18, 2011


General discussion with hubbs about how some people go vegan quite easily vs some who are always on the fence.
I was telling him about Mihika , who went vegan as a teenager in a meat family and how she convinced most of her family to do so with her! Its an amazing achievement considering, you are not the in charge of the kitchen and grocery shopping and are not the one who makes decisions in the home! Do read her story here!

Then the discussion went into me telling him to watch, some videos about the meat industry. He said, that he was still scarred by the fur video i had sent to him a few years back where animals are skinned alive and since then he hasnt bought any fur or leather.. So I pointed out to him, that the video essentially was effective in making that permanent change in his head.. so maybe he should watch just a few seconds or clips of Earthlings .. the vegan making documentary.. to help make the move towards giving up meat!

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