Friday, April 29, 2011


Its all about passion. The discussions on a common platform with similar minded individuals are not arguments and are not about why the topic of discussion is even being discussed. It is more about defining the problem and finding a solution or just enumerating the different viewpoints. But as soon as the discussion goes out onto a non similar minded people platform, it can easily evolve into a crazy debate.
I try to not jump into most of such debates or even if i do jump in, I put in a lot of thought by putting forth multiple viewpoints. I sometimes will discuss with hubbs before jumping into the discussion too. Coz as I mentioned before. the excessive passion about a particular thing can make you close minded too, it does hamper my ability to look at things differently sometimes.
I get a new point of view from hubbs for almost all discussions, and can eventually think it out and put forth great arguments. It is the times when these well written and, would work for most people, points of views, get shunned by a close minded person, that gets to me. I am learning to ignore such situations, because the people who are closing their minds and rambling on without even knowing enough about the topic do not have anything to lose. I lose, because my passion can convert to argument anxiety. The exasperation easily does. and that state of mind never helps. I am learning I am learning. As I told one of my friends today.. There are more than 6 billion of us.. cant take each one of us seriously. And keep the emotions out of the discussion.. that keeps the exasperation from building and hence less stress!

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