Tuesday, April 05, 2011


The sun is out and about... for a change.. and i need to stop signing petitions for a while.. the graphic images get to me after a while.. its almost like torturing myself... and though theres some good news here and there.. Anne the elephant is finally free and Patrick the dog is finally looking like a dog.. theres a lot more to be done!!
Signing petitions.. writing mails to people and so on.. The mass movement in the above cases got the happy results.. it is not easy to move the rusted machinery without a ton of oil and push!!

I got some conditioner for chewie's long hair which is getting dry at the ends!. the hair is softer but not really shinier.. lets see after a couple of uses...
Time to plan up evening snack and dinner.. herb tofu creamed and cucumber sandwich... and some aloo baingan(potato eggplant curry)...

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  1. I guess you will want to get a twitter button to your blog. I just marked down this site, but I had to do it by hand. Simply my $.02 :)