Tuesday, April 12, 2011


From no where.. :) I dont know what i was doing last week.. Just keeping busy i guess with food blogs, petitions, reading about rescues and other efforts in India and so on..
and listening to some screwball romantic comedy books by Susan Elizabeth Philips and Jennifer Crusie.
Today is a sleepy day coz of all the warm sun... Last week i screwed up my eyes one night and got all jittery again.. Training the brain to accept the other anxiety symptoms seems relatively possible, but how do you train it to like or be neutral about dizziness or bad balance!.
Have to take some nice pictures of my lemony fresh soft and squeezy multigrain mini loafs and put up on the food blog!
If anyone wants to read about why you should or should not get a dog, head to http://find-me-a-happy-pet.blogspot.com/

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