Sunday, April 17, 2011

sunday movie making

so hubbs filmed chewie playing fetch near the p-patch and the video kept rolling when he put the camera cap back on.. so now i have to edit that part out or make another video some other day.
I decided to edit it using the new windows live movie maker.. downloaded it and stuff and tried some editing.. and wow.. it is some amazing piece of non intuitive crap.. i got so pissed at it, that i wrote the same feedback to them.. then hubbs comes along and sez..
hubbs: well its too non specific feedback.. they cannot use it..
me: well i dont have any other feedback about it, coz i cannot figure out how to use it without spending some money on a movie editing course!
hubbs: so what does that feedback mean.. do you want it to be intuitive or do you want it be non crap.. or do u want it to be intuitive non crap..
me: hmm i want it to be intuitive crap.. coz even if it is crap it will atleast be intuitive enough to use... and make less people crazy..

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