Tuesday, April 19, 2011


when hubbs is in a meeting

Me: when are your PT appts
Hubbs: thu/fri
M: what about today
H: friday
M: whens your appts
H: 5:20 pm
M: i have to schedule some other things this week at 4 .. are you free today
H: i have appt
M: today?
H: at 5:20
M: you said thu/fri
H: ok
M: ok what
H: in a meeting
M: i know ping me when u r free
H: ok
M: when are your appts
H: 5:20
M: huh.. days
H: today and friday i think..

Early morning.. chats with 4 people at the same time.. phew... one conversation led to the thoughts which end up confusing everyone... stray dog adoption in India.. sponsored by the pet grooming and food companies.. alls good.. lots of adoption drives, strays getting good homes and care, less dogs on street, less abuse of the strays..
but what about pet food.. more demand of commercialized pet food.. means more factory farmed chicken and meat.. no good deed is ever a win win..
i say that its mostly win, getting dogs off the street and into homes, all fixed dogs, mo more reproduction, more pet owners, more people who will be a bit more compassionate towards dogs.. think about it.. if people cannot even be compassionate towards their own pets who are like family members.. can you expect them to understand compassion towards cows and hens and other animals they never ever get to meet.?

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