Sunday, May 01, 2011

sunny sunday

Its a suunnyyy dayyy today...!
We are still struggling a bit to replace the eggs and milk, but the enticement and dependency is reducing day after day.

I am subbing milk with almond or rice milk here and there already to transition the taste and I've replaced eggs from everything except breakfast. The day I find a good protein breakfast to replace the eggs.. bye bye eggs! I just do not like tofu. Sprouts and vegan multigrain pancakes do work on a lot of days. And I have ideas to make multi lentil idlis or uttapams, but those are a developed taste esp for mornings. Both of us think of them as a big meal. Lets see, some more reading, some more recipe trials and we will be there. I have to really like the stuff to eat a good amount of it, coz the stress affects the whole digestion system and hence I get very choosy.

In the midst of all this healthy food, my appetite is getting better.. but at the same time I am also getting more active and eating healthier than ever, which means my weight is still stuck.

And also going through the the dilemma that all new vegans go through. Do u appreciate or like recipes or pictures or food discussions of non vegan food?
As hubbs pointed out yest, when it comes to meat, if people dont eat it , they keep it at home for others who do, they dont appreciate the looks and smells of dishes containing meat for whatever reasons, be it releigious or personal choice. With Milk and eggs, its a bit of a different story. Will we keep dairy milk at home when we transition to a completely vegan household?

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  1. You should try moong dhaal dosa. soak yellow moon dhaal in water for 7 hours.Grind with red or green chillies, add salt and eat.

    Its fantastic for breakfast and such a breeze. You get protein and you can avoid egg.