Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Surgery Details

So it looks like I will have my surgery on Nov 14th. Some background on how this got decided.

We met Dr Sekhar last Saturday and he was very confident and positive about saving my right eye. After getting another opinion , we decided to stick with Dr Sekhar. He is Professor and Vice Chairman at UW and practices at HarborView.

Some more tests to go and then things will be ready for the surgery. I will be at HarborView for about a week. Will update with the details once I get them. The surgery will include a craneotomy with the right orbital bone above the eye till some inches behind the hairline will be removed and then the tumor will be resected. I will mostly get a titanium plate after that.

I will be on steroids soon to prep for the surgery, so i will now have more energy during the day. People also adviced me to have a lot of fun and be active, so I am making some plans for moms seattle tour!!
I will be checking email and this blog till 13th. I will be in ICU probably for 2 days and then in the general ward for another 3-4 days. My cell will be with mom during that time.


  1. hi Di.. Aditi here, Raoul's friend..don't know if you remember me.. :) came across your blog and read about the surgery... you're a Sport di and that's amazing... :) best of luck.. good to know auntie's there with you... i'm sure you'll be ok really soon... *hug*

  2. Thanks for letting me know about this update blog; I'll keep up on it!

    What are the steriods they have you on, btw? I have some experience in that (you know, my pro-sports background...)

    And 'hypnagogic'? I'll dig though the archives to see if there's a backstory. :) Nice exclamation points!


  3. Thanks for the wishes Aditi. Hug to you too!

  4. I think i will be on dexamethasone or decadron and only for 3 days b4 the surgery.
    The first 2-3 posts have some stuff about why hypnagogic:)


  5. Hey Richa, get well soon !!

    - Vijay