Friday, November 10, 2006

Seattle Darshan and movies!

The past few days have been a mix of some tests, lots of seattle touring, lots of movies and lots of great food. Mom has only one aim right now, and that is to feed me and feed me and make me nice and healthy (which feels like it will soon push me into the overweight section, but hopefully all the extra stuff will get used during recovery :) ). Vivek is also feeling the side effect of all the good food ;). I have been doing my part of taking her around seattle inspite of the rain. We have covered snoqualmie falls, eastside, redmond campus, international district, myrtle edwards park, kirkland waterfront and some other small things. We are planning some longer trips for the weekend which will be the last weekend we get to go out, before the surgery immobilizes me for about 3-4 weeks!.

I was trying to think of things i want to do after the surgery and even later and somehow I cannot think that far. I guess I have to clear this big event before things get back in control and my thoughts get aligned. The anxiety levels will soon start to get higher with the D-day coming up. But vivek and mom are really helping a lot. I love you both for being here and entertaining this naughty brat. Oh yeah I have been very very naughty and I am usually a brat coz i can afford to be one right now:)

A new thing I learnt about us engineers is that, we are usually so in control and independent type of people, that an event like this which needs us to let go of all control becomes really difficult to handle. My anesthesia nurse told me this, that the most trouble she has is with engineers, so let go and trust all the people around you:).

Vivek will soon be putting up a calendar for all the volunteers to help out during our hospital stay. I will be keeping Vivek at my side 24/7, so we definitely will need help to drive people and deliver food sometimes etc.

Please do pray for my quick recovery!. Of course, I will love tons of visitors once i am in my senses after the surgery, so please dont hesitate to drop by!. As you must have noticed by now, i love all the extra attention !!:)

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