Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The 24-hour sleep

The last few days have been really interesting for me, somewhat in a negative way as well. Here is some background. I have been having this slight loss of vision problem in my right eye since the last 2 months. I went to my optometrist 5 weeks back and because if his lack of action and seriousness about the issue, i finally went to a General practitioner at Virginia Mason. Finally that doc got me to see an ophthalmologist and got some tests done and of course, the docs cannot usually find anything without an mri, so there i am sent for an mri. I am waiting for the results of the mri now to hopefully figure out what the problem wiht my eye is.

So basically on Friday, I had my closed(regular) mri scheduled and the technician basically freaked me out coz of her hurried, very non-helpful and stubborn behavior. I also got affected because i had only 2 mg valium in me which really dint do anything. So i decided 2 things
- get more sedative meds
- get an open mri instead

So I tried the first option and got my doc to prescribe some higher dosage and also let me experiment with it on the weekend. But since my great doc gave me a really huge dose, i ended up sleeping from saturday evening to sunday evening and more and just could not get up coz of the dizzyness. Well that got digested by my body finally by monday evening, and i got my open mri scheduled. The open mri was at a different lab, i had a really nice technician there, who understood my anxiety and helped me get over it. Mri is a painful thing. The open one takes longer , so i basically was getting jack-hammered on my brain for about 2 hours( thats what the magnet sounds like). Now comes the wait for the results.

My sleep cycle is pretty screwed as of now coz of the last few day events, so if i blabber some incomprehensible stuff , u know why thats happening.

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  1. Good luck for the test results. Thanks for linking to my blog. Any feedback is welcome!