Sunday, October 15, 2006

So I think I can dance!

Mis-leading heading ;).

Ok, So I got my MRI images yesterday and also got the radiologists interpretation of it. I am meeting a neurologist on Monday and he will be the one to confirm what exactly the problem is, and the possible treatment options. From the radiologists interpretation, there is a mass in my outer covering of the brain( i.e in the planum sphenoidale). He mentioned it being one of the 3 options and 2 of them are basically some forms of tumor. Both the forms he mentioned are very common ones with lots of treatment options ranging from meds to small surgery. The rest of the details will be known once we meet the neurologist. Who knows, its just some inflammation as mentioned in option 3 and i just need to be on steriods for a while:)

I want my right eye back for sure, i cant give up driving !!!
The amusing part yesterday when we read the radiologists report
- Initial reaction: Scary, since we understood only 1-2 words in the report saying common things like homogeneous mass somewhere. And everything else sounded scary.
- Subsequent reaction: Amusing, since we got nothing from the report. After some googling and talking to viveks uncle who is doc, we got a better understanding. He mentoined that we should chill out since all the options are very treatable and not complicated!
- Current reaction: Nuthing much really, waiting to meet with the neurologist and get some 2-3 other opinions as well. Might have some more tests for confirmation etc.

Oh, and did i tell you i was on steriods. Those are working well as of now, putting me in this euphoric state else i would be in this super-anxious and nervous state, which doesnt really help:)

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  1. cant wait to get a verdict on this one . lets figure this thing out and go for a long vacation.