Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Neuro-surgeon research!

So the day starts again!! Some phone calls home and some realization that tons of research needs to be done. I am finally off of steroids.. so the energy has gone down!:(.. but it will soon be up..

Its my Birthday tomorrow. I know i am kinda making a big propaganda out of it.. :) Of course, I should. I want a nice big party, lots of gifts, lots of surprises!! I can see Vivek getting worried about this ;)

But who knows, there are always these worst case scenarios with Brain surgery.. so better be ready and have all the fun! Party on the weekend!!

Back to research now. Please do leave me pointers for researching on great neurosurgeons in Seattle.
I need recommendations for neuro-surgeons and neuro-ophthalmolgists with great track record in tumor surgeries around the optic nerve and the carotid artery in the brain. Recommendations for hospitals will also be very helpful!!

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