Monday, October 16, 2006

So i think i have a tumor!

Yeah i am still on steriods till end of day. Hence, the exclamations!

So i had my neurologist appointment today morning and got home sometime back. The neurologist concurred with the radiologists interpretation about my tumor being meningioma ( Its a fairly common, slow-growing and benign tumor and the surgical removal is minimally risky. It wouldn't have been been necessary to even remove the tumor so urgently if it wasn't damaging my right optic nerve :(.

There will be a couple more tests to confirm the type, position, risks etc with the tumor and after about 2 weeks, we will have tentative treatment plan in place.

The positive thing about this whole thing is, that the tumor is still small, its a common one, and my mom and dad will visit me sooner than the earlier planned mid-next year!!

It was a crazy morning with a ton of details about all possible options, ifs and buts and questions and some plastic brain demo for the location etc. I am still digesting all this slowly and will be fine tomorrow. I have had some details trickling in since Thursday evening, so its not really a shock. It is going to take the next 2 months at least for everything to get resolved, so life has to go on!

I am mostly in good shape, as there are no problems because of the tumor per say, except the partial vision loss in the right eye, which my left eye compensates for anyway. Its the meds and the tests which take a toll on the body. So once i am done with the meds today, things will be back to normal and my sleep pattern can get fixed.

Also, my mom and dad are firm believers in homeopathy. They mentioned some meds for some types of tumors, and we might give that a try as well. Hell, who wants someone to crack open your skull to remove a mass when it can dissolve inside with medicines:)

And of course, i need a loooong vacation after all this.


  1. hi there,
    stumbled across ur blog..get well soon ....

  2. Hey Richa!

    You are a sport.... Take care of yourself. Its good to know that there is nothing to worry about. But take a lot of rest...
    Will call you soon...


  3. Hi,

    Just came across your Blog.
    I have had 2 surgeries for a meningioma and it has been completely removed.
    NOthing to worry.
    Get well Soon.