Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Is this uncanny or what!

Among the sample set of about 10 people in my and viveks office, there are about 3 people with experiences with tumors and cancers and all are one-off cases. Isn't that uncanny!. I was wondering why I havent seen such occurrences in India, where your usual sample set includes 100s of friends, and neighbours and community who knows everything about each other. Or maybe I am just starting to notice these things now. Or something to do with the US :)

Another crazy thing is all this co-inciding with all birthdays!. We got the first news on thursday night , one day before viveks birthday, we got confirmation from the neurologist on Monday morning, the night before my dad's birthday. And of course, my bday is not far away, but i dont have tests scheduled before it, so hopefully no more news.

I am off of steriods today, so the energy is disappearing. I dint know the steriods actually could give u so much energy!.

And for the not-so-faint-hearted, here are my tumor pics. The bright D shaped blob int he center(slight left) of the pics. It is very clear in the 3rd and 4th images.



  1. we gonna beat this tumor to death and then i will fry it and eat it :)

  2. To say the least, though I am not a doc myself, but those pics didnt look nice at all :-(