Sunday, October 22, 2006

Neuro-surgeon search continues!

I dont understand why docs can never explain why u have certain things. For example, they still cant explain my headaches. They say that it might be cozz of the tumor( duh) but the tumor is not big enough to cause the headaches, heh.

In any case, the search for the neurosurgeon continues. Slowly i am coming up a list of questions to ask the docs so that i can find one i am confortable with. That and some work to keep me busy.

Somedays the anxiety does take over and i feel lost about things to plan about, but i am am trying to not let this small occurrence take over my life completely for the next 2 months.

The weekend was fun with bday party on thursday and then diwali celebrations on Saturday. We finally cleaned a good part of the house. We also made some rangoli at deepa's place and did the pooja and nice dinner!.

Heres to good times and good health!


  1. Hey Richa, I was ur junior in VRCE...I will pray u recover soon! Good luck to u :)

  2. thanks for the wishes!. i for sure need the prayers.