Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cell phones and tumors!

With all the discussions and talks which come with such incidences in life, we have also been discussing the number of occurrences of tumors in young people lately. One of my cousins came up with the theory about cell-phones.

Our generation is cell addict and we spend hours burning up the brain. Can that have something to do with the high frequency of occurrences of tumors in this generation? Something to think about?


  1. start using headsets .. and dont over use cell phones.

  2. Maybe the non-bluetooth headsets too. No waves whatsoever...

    Can't we all just go back to simple living, some 30-40 yrs back??

  3. Hello again!
    I was reading your posts in chronology to know type of tumor and I found this post which remained biased till date. As per current medical research (using NLM PubMed), meta-analysis of research trials do not point towards increased risk of brain tumors for people who use cell phone > 5 years or people who are exposed to cord-less phone radio-frequency with pooled data from year 1972 onwards. However, there are many flaws in studies performed so far, including corporate politics! But in conclusion (in my view),usual exposure of cell phone radiation(cumulative duration of 1-2 hr a day) may not be use cells in moderation and interestingly, we'll have extra time to interact with our loved ones personally rather talking on wires, right?!
    [Ref.: search conducted at NLM PubMed using keyword "cell phones tumor"]