Saturday, May 07, 2011

Vegan Nutrition: Protein

We need only 2.5 to 10% of our calories from protein. And all vegetables have more than that. Not some vegetables, all of them.Vegetables average around 22% protein, beans 28%, and grains 13% .
Check the below chart to see the different types of protein content in some vegetables and compare to the "Need" row for a 5 ft 11 inch 181 lb individual.

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A good amount of whole beans, lentils, peas, whole grains, nuts and vegetables is all you need to maintain all complex protein balance.

Read about how Milk protein is actually bad for the body in my earlier post about Milk here .Protein in milk has been linked coronary deaths and to hardened, narrowed arteries.

More comprehensive protein requirements and tables
There is also a calculator at the bottom of the above link to calculate your complex protein requirements and most common protein sources.
Some other usually asked questions and comparisons to meat/eggs.

Keep a lookout here for more of the nutrition series to see how to balance your daily vegan meal, and also check out my food blog for vegan options and sample vegan menu with balanced nutrition and meal nutrition values, posted weekly on wednesdays( starting the coming week).

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