Wednesday, May 25, 2011

this and that

been a while since I blabbed ... well nothing much happening really
same old same old.. all weekdays are pretty much similar... and weekends are weekends..
Weekdays I am usually busy reading something or the other, sometimes trying to organize the reading so my head doesnt keep getting all jumbled up between animal rights, petitions, causes, food, nutrition, veganism, networking for dog/cat adoptions and so on .. So some days i try to focus on just one thing for a few hours before switching.. while others i just keep switching whenever something bombards my facebook or twitter! and then after a few my eyes usually get tired and i rest and listen to audiobooks for the hour or the day..

I do feel a bit low about the fact, that I am not doing as much as I could, if I wasnt so much in this anxiety funk, but then I would be busy fostering with not enough time left to read and network and such.. There's a whole lot of stuff to do out there, even if I cannot participate physically. Theres a lot to learn too... A Lot I tell you,..
Theres a lot going on in most major cities in India with respect to helping the stray animals. Volunteers open up their home and hearts and work on making life better for the strays on their own time, be it treating maggot infested wounds, some regular diseases, or just caring for the strays in the locality.. Wanna join in with the effort or just get inspired.. Hop on to the facebook group below. Its a closed group, so you might have to wait on the admins to approve your request.

more yapping later! Have a fun week!

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