Friday, May 13, 2011

friiiidayy and selfish peeps

eyes still blahed out prob coz i dint really rest them much.. I am getting addicted to reading..:).. see i am still writing..
and another lesson for the day.. just stop trying to discuss anything with indifferent and selfish people.. who love to live in their own tiny world..and argue for the sake of arguing without even taking time to research anything on their own..
I end up converting my irritation into anxiety..even if the discussion is online and not in front of the person.. its too stressful on me... thats what u get for being passionate about something.. lets stick to talking about weather and other harmless things! and discussions only on grps with similar minded people! i love the Indian vegan and Indian Animal Network grp on Fb. They are open minded, have a wealth of information and have the same final interest even if they are not all on the same page about the path to getting there..
have a great weekend u'all.. i'll work on the chocolate chip cookie recipe post..
got a few more minutes after this blabber.. then please do visit the Petitions page on my pet blog and sign a few. The newest ones will usually be under PETA or ASPCA action alerts.

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