Monday, December 10, 2018

2018- wrap up thoughts 1

If i have to choose between fostering dogs again (we took a break to allow chewie to recover from his cough flare ups) and writing another book, i'd choose fostering.

Esp now, with the way the blogging and book writing world has been evolving these past 2 years. Everyone ripping off everyone, everyone posting all the popular recipes (almost exactly the same)and making a business out of it, cookbooks churning out within months, me having to post those same popular things on the blog too, to stay relevant.
Sometimes this sucks the life out of why I cook.

The other thing that sucks the motivation out is the incredible amount of rudeness and hate online. That is a common theme everywhere, not just blogging. I probably developed oil phobia lately with all the yelling in comments. Its hard to even accept that I like my cookies to be cookies with the oil and sugar.

Between the crazy migrainous year of not being able to spend enough time on the online blog work, and all of the above, may be I am not cut out to be a public person.

Kudos to people who stand their ground.

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