Thursday, August 16, 2018

2018 - ing

everything could be peri menopause related.(digestion out of whack, headaches, migraines, non functionability on a screen).

I wish I wish to come back as a Man in my next life. Lol

Also to everyone on the interweb always complaining about white flour and constantly commenting to use all whole grain multi grain etc,.. well white flour works well for some people with digestive issues trying to keep the diet low to moderate fiber. I mean i literally cannot function if i eat whole grain. The rest of the meal has fibre too with the veggies, lentils etc and drives up the overall fiber. 

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  1. Hi Richa,

    Funny you said this about coming back as a man. I told my husband just yesterday that I wanted to come back as a man (and I Masai man too!). Women get shafted period. Yes, menopause and mid-life weight gain here. Anyway, I appreciate knowing someone else is going through it right now with me.