Friday, April 05, 2019

Oh Hey its 2019

Another year and I am stuck between several different kind of problems.

Running out of storage on the laptop... like its 2019, this should not be a stress i need to take.

Trying to find solutions in support groups like
What do you all do for being able to sit on chairs.
I can’t balance myself on a chair. It has to be sturdy sofa kind of seating. So even if there are restaurants with low noise/activity that I can go to , I can’t really go because everyone has flimsy chairs.

And in answer, everyone pretty much struggles with the same thing. 

Why the heck does this vestibular neurological disorder not have enough research and treatment. 

Literally the treatments i've heard of so far are not going to cure it,
all range from drugging myself with ssri's or other mind altering meds. 
and supplements like magnesium and coq10.

Oh well,... life. 

On the other hand, i think i should hire someone locally to manage the every day things for the blog. It might be helpful to have things more organized :) . 

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