Saturday, December 03, 2011

some random blab.. not so..

We went towards Veganism because of my love for dogs.. though now I talk more about other animals, dogs always hold a dear place in my heart..

some stories will always make my heart cry out so loud that I want to just catch hold of everyone around me ..on the street.. on my friend circle.. anywhere and just drill this into their heads till they agree.. like totally drill it with a drilling machine if u will...


"It is hope that dies last, and their dejection broke our hearts."

..Seriously.. an AKC judge who judges the breed championships for crying out aloud..

you cant really trust any so called "Nice" breeder.. with a slightly better home in issaquah.. and the not so suitable dogs hidden away in a dark basement in burien. 100 dogs were rescued... and the breeder might not even get charged..!!

The basement was so dark that you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. The windows were blacked out and there was ripped up plastic hanging from the door jam at the entrance of the room. There had to be a pungent stench of urine and feces. The sound of dogs frantically barking almost overpowered a radio.
Neurotic dogs going in circles, eating themselves in a dark dark dungeon..

I will judge you, if you were told by me and other people about not buying and you still choose to buy.. i will.. i am sorry but i will.

This is washington state, where western part atleast has single digit kill rates and 20% or so in the eastern part.
CA has kill rates of 60% in so any counties.. that its just ridiculous the way dogs are treated like the newest fashion..
gaah.. this crazy world and humans..
I am sorry but i Will judge you!

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