Monday, November 21, 2011

To tell or not to tell Part 2

Part 1 here

Come to think about it, if I had a sudden problem or life threatening occurrence and the tests showed the c word, and I needed an emergency action like finding the right doctor and then immediate surgery and so on.. would I want to know about whats going on?.. I might totally be in nervous hell anyway.
or if i had an accident and lost 3 of my limbs.. would I want to know before the surgery which will try to attach some of them?

Another thing that I dont get.. is not letting anyone stay with the patient in the ICU. someone who just woke up from an unknown and stressful surgery, finds no one around.. how ridiculous is that? Some places might not have personal room ICUs but most do.. i remember vaguely that there was this thing with a call button.. but I could never find the remote thing or focus thoughts in my mind to figure out its location and the location of the call button.. duhh.. the patient is doped up and the brain is half shut people.. there needs to be someone around to listen to the whispers or tiny actions..

Hubbs says I have a bit of angst against doctors.. well its not the doctors really.. its the medical system and the way things work. I know It cannot be perfect anywhere, but the least everyone could try to do, is find ways to help the patient with anything, help them be more comfortable, painfree ... that... does not happen.

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