Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Another day another Crap! nip some men.. shall we

So another state in India is now killing dogs left, right and center and all possible other directions as well. People get paid 20 Rupees , that is 40 cents to kill a dog.

This is the brilliant measure to control the stray dog population..
Read more about it below. Viewer discretion is advised coz the pictures on the link are not pretty.

Though I am not sure how much help it will be.. but sometimes petitions do work.. We can try!

On another note, there is a Bear hunt in NJ here.. where 200 bears were already killed and the total the govt is planning will get harvested is 600..!!
yes 600 bears will be slaughtered to control the population.

Cant we humans come up with ways to co-exist with the animals!

Oh wait, we cant, because there are almost 7 BBillion of us, and since there arent any predators to keep the human population in check.. we have to check the population of the other animals for our frigging convenience.

I dont know what happened to that program in India, where the government was awarding monetary compensation if men voluntarily got neutered after 3 kids.. now that is something that needs to be implemented far and wide...
Snip Snip..

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  1. Sad to learn about the killings. I met Paintle's ( comedian in Indian movies)wife last year at my friend's house. She is an active rescuer of stray and sick dogs and get them spayed or neutered. We need more activists like her.