Friday, November 04, 2011

Why Vegan? Part 4

Why no dairy?
If you think about the figures,theres a 50% chance of bull calf being born .. and even with a requirement of the bulls in india by farmers, the dairy industry produces so much in excess that about 8 Million calves are slaughtered or starved to death every year.

There is no way to ensure the pasture fed, free range, well cared for, not slaughtered or anything esp in India. Cow slaughter is illegal in India and so is dowry, bride killing, and girl child abortion.

As far as US is concerned, there is a big veal and beef industry but the dairy industry still produces an excess of about 700,000 calves/year which are disposed off at birth. and most pasture fed, happy cow labels are misleading. check for your local dairy listings. even 5 star rating means low cull rate, not NO cull rate.

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  1. Hi Richa: Am totally inspired by your blog. You are my fellow traveller in spirit. My aunt also had brain surgery many years ago and I understand your trials. You are battling with them so heroically. I usually don't make comments even though I have followed your cooking blogs for a while now and was curious enough to know more about you and so came upon your personal blog today and could not stop reading it. So, couple of things.:
    1. I kept thinking about another friend of mine as I read your blog entries. This friend, was in a devastating car accident that changed her life. She has written a lovely book about her journey of recovery (like you, she is left with some health issues) and I highly recommend this book to you. You can read it a few pages at a time as I did. It is, Cynthia Reyes' "A Good Home." She also has a blog and you might like to visit it too.
    2. Cow slaughter in India is not illegal as you say above. Indeed, India is the second largest beef exporter in the world. It exports to the Middle East. If you go on PETA India's web site, you learn how Indian dairy industry is following the same path as the Western one: injecting cows with bovine growth hormone, artificially inseminating them, killing the calves etc.