Monday, November 27, 2006


It is snowing outside and it is so beautiful. It is also amazingly cold and i am not supposed to stay out for long, but it is so beautiful! We went out and spent some 5 minutes going crazy with the snow! The snow is floating away and i can see all of this from my balcony. It is amazing. Seattle downtown covered in snow!!!.

I got a haircut the other day and now i have super short hair. I was having trouble getting my original hair to settle down after the surgery coz they were all matted with blood and all a mess, so i just decided to cut them off and grow all back together. Of course the short do feels good and everyone seems to like it, it is definitely better than the wierd messy half bald look. Soon it will grow back to a length i like. If i go out right now, i will look like i got a snow crew cut or something!!:)

Snow on the grass, snow on the road, snow on the cars, snow floating away.. snow, snow, snow!!!


  1. Hey Richa,
    Glad to see you bounce back so quickly :) Read about the snow in Seattle - seems I left a month too soon :(

  2. Umm, you know, part of the reason I moved out here was to not be bothered by snow anymore.... :) Glad you like it though...

    You sound like you're bouncing right back and having fun--that's great! I can't wait to see the new 'do.

    Get better soon!


  3. its the right amount of snow right now, not too much, not too cold and you get to see the snowfall.. and that is beautiful. I am sure i wont like it if it continues to be around 0, and the raods get icy. It is scary to drive in these hilly regions with icy roads:)