Thursday, May 19, 2016

Good Stuff

Thought I would write some other stuff for a change. :)

Its my Book-iversary! 1 year since my first book release. It has done amazingly well being a niche book. I am super happy that so many people are cooking up Indian and vegan food from it!

Publishing has been a fun as well as frustrating experience. Books are a lot of work. Much more work than blogs. The consistency over recipes, and editing has to be perfect. Also, in terms of $, most of the money goes to distribution, most of the rest to the publisher and a minuscule % to the author.

On the other hand, once published, there is a credibility to being a published author and reaching a lot more people. Books are also perennial. they will always be there.  A win some lose some situation.

I just posted a garam masala recipe on the vegan richa blog and 2 copies of my book giveaway. All the love from everyone in the comments = more of a win win situation!


  1. So proud of you Richa. Wish you more success in the future too.

  2. Your book is a treasure chest. So many amazing recipes in there! Each time I follow a recipe of yours, I can never anticipate what it is going to taste like as so many of the spices you use are unknown to me, but one thing is certain, each recipe is better than the one before. What a treat. Beautiful cooking. Thank you so much.