Tuesday, April 19, 2016


So the first few months of the year uneventful because there is only so much I can do when my balance is incredibly crappy because of the sinus inflammation. Finally, that seems to be subsiding and I seem to be able to drive further, sit in the car longer, walk farther and so on.

And then things keep piling up. 

I signed up for eye therapy which I haven't been able to move the graph anywhere and I literally hate the weekly or bi-weekly checks. Clearly the therapy speed is totally not suited to me. It is supposed to be a 1 yr therapy which I bet is going to take 3 or more years. 
(on a side note, why in the world did none of all the innumerable specialists suggest this therapy earlier. For so many years I wasn't even doing anything, when this would work out so much better. My eyes were anyway crappy and making them crappier with exercise was something that I could adjust to faster. Now with all the activities planned around every day and being in the state where living with the limited abilities is easier, why would I want to disrupt it all over again, in the hopes of making things better (there is no guarantee to that). Bah). 

I have to eventually get to my dental schedule. root canals and other things to do. 

The usual blog, recipe creation, photography, editing, social media etc always keeps increasing obviously. 

And we are also trying to figure out how to get hubbs to travel. <- div="" most="" nbsp="" pressure.="" the="">
(on another side note, my therapist asks me that do I see that my anxiety is affecting his ability to fly for whatever purposes. And I am like of course I know that. Whats the use of guilt-tripping me for something that I know already, feel bad enough for already, and am trying to find solutions to. That is why I am there for therapy. Strike one for therapist.)

I might just crash this week or have a panic attack.
Note to self. Hang in there.
The low or overwhelmed state usually lasts for a few hours to a 1-2 days. We usually find things that work to get me out of it. All good. 


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  2. Hi Richa, I wish I didn't live on the East Coast! You do an amazing job with so many things. I hope you remember to pat yourself on the back - often! Best wishes. Sue

    1. Thank you Sue. I am doing well now. We figured out how to smooth things out by planning some things in smaller steps and such, in the next few days. :) Sometimes, some new things always show up without the planning and upsets things. Life.