Friday, July 01, 2011

day today

soo what do i do everyday..
Read up my regular does of blogs if my eyes cooperate...
Check up on articles and posts on facebook..if my eyes cooperate
Read up some vegan blogs, recipes, cook, bake and write up my food blog! 
share posts, write up articles or blog posts if my eyes cooperate..
Share dogs, who are on the euthanization list, for adoption, try to find people who want to adopt them, email or post on rescues near the dogs, write to people on craigslist, pledge and donate some funds to a rescue can pull the dogs out and more, if the eyes cooperate.

If they dont.. then its all about listening to a book.. which is quite boring these days because I havent spent enough time to find some other good authors.. already exhausted the book supply from the usual authors.!

I stumbled upon these set of volunteers and rescues in new york and in California,  who are trying hard to reduce the euthanization rates in the area shelters. Its quite ridiculous, the number of healthy dogs and even puppies that are put down, just because of lack of space and no adoption interest within the 3 day hold period. So the volunteers try to take pictures of the dogs every few days and put them up on facebook and share them on the local rescue pages, and some others volunteer to go pick up the dog, some transport them, some foster the dog for the rescue and take them to weekly adoption events etc.
Lots of volunteer options.. But dogs that can be pulled out depends on the availability of foster homes. Lots of dogs are also adopted out of state, but there is the time period in which the adopters get approved and the rescues can arrange for transport.. and the shelter does not keep the dog for that long a time..
Half the dogs I share and connect and keep track of, are not there when I check a few days later. those cute tiny fluffy white maltese or poodles, chihuahuas, gsds, huskies.. all adoptable breeds.. but they dont get a chance because the shelters do not give them enough time.
Its an amazing job all these volunteers are doing and i try ti support in whichever way I can!

Thats my day!

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