Saturday, July 09, 2011


While discussing some activists who risk going into labs and factory farms or other places to do under cover investigations to expose cruel practices and abuse, or who break in to save animals..
Me: Those activists are brave.. I dont know why people call me brave.. i am just living my lifean dealing with whatever comes my way.
Hubbs: Dont worry babe, Once u are out and about and all ready to roll again you will do all that too.
Me: U sure?!
Hubbs: Yeah. u are a passionate person
Me: So u r saying u are ok with the idea that u will have to bail me out from jail some day.
Hubbs: Sure.. There are risks in everything.. u r brave..
Me: Hmm, I am not sure I am that brave.. the idea of spending any time in a windowless cell is scary.. we will see.

Did you all know that you cannot be charged for trespassing if you enter someones property, where any animal is not getting its basic needs like food and water? Well, now u know.. so if your neighbors dog is not getting fed, please do give him some food! And if he is kept on a chain more than 10 hours a day, please contact Dogs Deserve Better in the US.
6-8 million pets are euthanized each year in the US, that is one per 8 seconds.
Please Adopt and talk about adoption with anyone who is thinking about getting a dog or a cat.

Buying = killing 2 animals. One in the shelter and the other that could have taken the place of the adopted animals.

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