Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Phew! Crazy December.. I have to put up a more comprehensive list of cruelty free bath, body, kitchen, house items and also include a list of vegan options. I did manage to make part of the list and wrote to a couple of companies to clarify on their animal testing policies. But this is
going to take time and having an untrained foster puppy does take up almost all of the time!!

Tuggie/Tuggle/Tuggs is our second foster. He is a super cute 7 month old rescue pekingese chihuahua mix puppy. He was rescued from a Puppy Mill in Tacoma along with 20 other puppies and several older adults. The older adults are still being rescued 10 or 20 at a time every weekend. He was very skinny and starved when we got him, but he has already put on some healthy fat and muscle. His coat is shinier and softer and he smells great too!.

He is a very mellow dude. He doesnt mind getting roomed or bathed. He gets along very well with dogs,cats and all people. He is not a yapper, does not bite, does not chew on anything except bones, and is a cuddler. He will sit and cuddle and watch the whole movie with you! Here is a video of the cutie !! http://www.dogster.com/video/1086749/our_foster_dog_tuggie

He loves running in the yard and loves being with other dogs. He has an adorable under bite. He looks more like a chihuahua and has a pekingese jaw structure with the
underbite and long floppy ears. He looks like Yoda from StarWars when he lifts his ears to listen to you :)

Because of this huge selection of similar looking puppies and adults, the adoption of each of them is taking time. If you or anyone you know are interested in Tuggs, please do contact me. Please do share and forward this around. Lets get some real use of the viral web!

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