Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Strange being called Hubby !

Our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary is coming up (Feb 3). Instead of planning a celebration, my hubby is freaking out. He is getting all jittery! I think the big 5 is looking very big to him :). He gets all tingly about long term things :) He now wants to move to a new place coz we have been in Seattle 5 years too.. too long :) Change change change is the name of the game for him.

I, on the other hand, am a very settled person. I go through a couple of years of adventure and changes and travel then a couple of years of settlement and the cycle keeps repeating. But mostly I like the idea of having my own house and living there for a long time and making plans accordingly.. (Or maybe this settlement has come over me in the past few years)..But thats the way I would like to head.

And how you ask we 2 got married.. Now that is a looong story!..:)

We have been through thick and thin, crazy and even more crazy, weird and nice, fights and wars, love and more love in the 11 years we have known each other. And how much ever absent minded and crazy my hubby is, he is the most resilient person I've known and also the sweetest. He is going to make faces at me for writing this post:)

People who know him from his undergrad will never be able to believe that he actually learnt to cook for me. When mom left after 6 months here in 2007, He had to figure out how to cook. He picked up the challenge and made not just edible, but really good food! I still get to see that genius on some lucky days!

There are a lot of such challenges that he has had to work on and he never gives up! Biggest one named Me:)

Babes, Wish you a very happy and chilled Anniversary! Love you! And Thanks for dealing with this crazy me!


  1. Hey Richa,
    11 yrs wow..amazing..u both make such a cute n supportive couple..heres wishing you both a very happy wedding anniversary..

  2. very beautifully written!! Congratulations to the two of you on completing 5 yrs of being happily married!

    PS: pls dont move out of Seattle!!

  3. thanks Mary!
    thanks Manju! We are not moving anywhere anytime soon:)

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