Saturday, January 24, 2009

Puppy Mills..A Sad day for the state of washington

Sad week or month is more like it. The puppy mill raids are on the news everywhere. The number of rescued dogs increasing by 100s with every article. And no arrests for the very cruel and evil owners of the business.

Some years back i would have been too enraged and opinionated about it. Seems like maturity has finally set in. It is a very appalling and depressing situation. But sh** like this is everywhere. So instead of getting pained and depressed about it, i have decided to help out. I cannot physically help them out right now, but will surely do when i can. So monetary help it is. And raising awareness it is.

If you happen upon this blog, please do checkout the stop puppy mill site to know more about what exactly goes on in one.

"Puppy mills are mass dog-breeding operations. These canine breeding facilities house dogs in shockingly poor conditions.

Life is particularly bad for "breeding stock," dogs who live their entire lives in crammed cages and are continually bred for years, without human companionship and with little hope of ever becoming part of a family. These dogs receive little or no veterinary care and never see a bed, a treat or a toy. After their fertility wanes, breeding animals are commonly killed, abandoned or sold to another mill. The annual result of all this breeding is hundreds of thousands of puppies, many with behavior and/or health problems."

Also read about the recent raids in the state and how you can help save these very sad eyed dogs.

Let us pray together for a little less cruelty and evil in this world.

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