Thursday, July 17, 2008


(Pic: Sign outside a New York pet grooming shop. Courtesy: Selena. Thanks girl!)
Ahh!! we finally got bio-degradable poop bags for chewie! Mr. Chewie poops 2-3 times a day. That means we use those many plastic bags per day, that is 60+ plus bags a month. I was feeling very bad about using so many plastic bags in the interest of saving the planet! Our planet will surely suffocate on plastic!. So I ordered some 100% bio-degradable poop bags and i am feeling pretty good about it.

We watched jaane tu and 2050 this week. Jaane tu is a nice one. Fast paced, light, no melodrama, and full of energy. It reminded me of my college days. Of course the story was a bit same old same old esp the climax, but the movie is made well and has some good performances. And i love the songs!!! A.R.Rahman rocks!! I am sure the current teenage generation will not see any of the problems and Jtyjn will become their cult fim like we had ours.

The songs and the movie put me in a nice romantic song mood. So i am currently making a new playlist. Rose Royce, Robin Thicke, Joe, Richard Marx, neyo... .

2050 on the other hand is a super slow, crybaby, hammy, and a very stupid movie. I dont know how anyone can spend so much on some good special effects and still make such a horrible movie. I watched the whole movie in fast forward mode in 30 mins!.

more later!!

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