Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Holi!!

Happy Holi everyone!! (March 4)! Holi is the festival of colours, celebrated in India to celebrate the onset of Spring. It is a day to celebrate, have fun and socialize. We usually don't do much on Holi here in the US, but we have had crazy days when we were back home. Days of trying to scrub off the colors, the ones which would stick to your skin for a couple of days!!!

This year too, we did not do much. We used Haldi( turmeric ) instead of the usual holi colors and we ( vivek mom and me) had a small session of applying a ton of yellow on each other. Turmeric is very good for the skin and is usually an ingredient in many ayurvedic skin concoctions or cosmetics. So Vivek is definitely looking good today!

Recovery Update: My eyes got weird mid Jan, probably because the right eye started to open well and got used a lot. We had a vision field test and the right eye is much better now. The overall vision has gone from 20/40 b4 the surgery to 20/25 now after the surgery. The right eye's peripheral vision on the right side, which was almost blacked out is now getting better and i have a couple of blind spots instead of the complete black right semi-circle. But this also means that the vision in the right eye suddenly changed a lot, so the brain doesnt know what to do with it. Using the right eye started making me very dizzy mid jan and i could hardly read using both the eyes. The brain is slowly adjusting to it though and I can read a bit now and spend some time onine. Yey!!.. ok I cant even get too excited coz that adds to the dizziness.. heh!.

More Later!

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  1. I cudnt read your blog completely. But still liked your style of expression, and more over really appreciate your spirit to fight over.

    Keep Writing!!!