Monday, February 05, 2007

2nd wedding anniversary!

I have been out of action coz of a viral i caught, from a short trip to the alki beach last weekend. Some more posts coming later this week. the dizzyness got worse coz of the viral, so another reason to rest!

Feb 3rd was our 2nd wedding anniversary. We celebrated it quietly at home. Its been amazing 2 years with vivek!!!. Love you sweetie!!


  1. Vivek, I gotta call bogart on your "WindowsLive-only" posting site: Hey, I'm trying to be supportive! :S

  2. i really had to go and look this one up.

  3. happy belated anniversary... been reading your blog... the surgery and stuff... the mind definitely plays a big role in recovery... had read 'its not about the bike' by lance armstrong... but that was before my first full marathon... anyways happy recovery....

    hey Apurva Jadhav just got married on Feb 4th... had met Ity and Raoul in Nagpur during my Christmas vacations...