Thursday, August 10, 2017

Book 2

7 Weeks to go for release. Phew!!

Between the additional work to add metric conversions and nutritional values(it took 2  extra months i think) and co-ordinating and rechecking everything and editing and to and fro with with publisher and everything that goes into making a book, countless hours of working on a machine finally gave me a posture issue.

Darn it. Now its difficult to work longer than an hour on the laptop and I have a backlog of things to do. The problem is that I cannot sit on a chair, so I almost always work on a laptop and on a sofa. Crappy set up catching up to me. And we better spend some time on figuring out a better set up.

k back to exercising for posture since my half an hour is up.


  1. Just stumbled across your blog looking for vegan Indian recipes... have you considered a standing desk?

    1. doesnt work, i cant stand for longer periods. balance issues