Monday, April 17, 2017

A day in life of ...

A Day in the life of a vegan food blogger 1. Messages sent to my facebook page/ social media with pictures of dead animals 2. comments on the recipes with pictures of dead animals or animals in the process of being killed 3. Needs bacon in comments and messages 4. Comments by Indians getting offended by peanut butter chickpea curry. you know coz chickpeas can only make chole. 5. Comments by Indians on Traditional Indian recipes like dals.... gora food (translation..white people's version of food). 6. flour, sugar, soy, oil so awful. comments in Caps seriously, cant win the interwebs any day

1 comment:

  1. Richa, I LOVE all your recipes and none of them have failed me on a first attempt! Always so delicious and flavourful. Last ommnomm: Thai Salad with Chickpea Carrot Crumble—utterly amazing!

    The internet is dumb. Sending love <3 !