Monday, February 13, 2017

Just like Dad

Since the blog has been growing and I need to kind of make a team and delegate things to them and stuff, its becoming a business of its own.

My dad had a tough time when he used to work in companies because of his strong work ethics, opinions preferences etc. So it was hard for him to deal with people who didnt have a similar work ethic or didnt have the capability to challenge his opinions/preferences with facts. So he started his own manufacturing business, coz then he was the boss.
All of those qualities show up when I work with people now, being a stickler for good work, striving for perfection, being a pain in the ass = me :).

Hiring is a hard job indeed. The right people make the work so much easier. People who think ahead and have options already are just fabulous. I think that comes from enjoying what you do. Its a reminder to myself too to just do what I love to do and not be governed by other's expectations.

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