Thursday, November 03, 2016


So we started fostering again and our first foster is Peppen from Red Waggin rescue.

He is a 6 month old cuti puppy who is a bundle of energy.

He knows come, sit and is learning stay, here, load up (into the crate) and we ae also working on his marking as he just got neutered.
Did I mention he is a bundle of energy?  Proof below

He is also very respectful of other dogs, people and children. He loves everyone and gives loads of kisses. He will sit in your lap and fall asleep.
He does not bite. He didnt even fight or try snap at this humping dog who was constantly trying to hump him on the walk with his dog walker. He is an all around super sweet dog. He has pomeranian characteristics just like our dog chewie.

He is a puppy and needs a lot of play time during the day, mental stimulation with training commands, walks, running in the yard, playing with toys. He is food motivated and wants to please, so he learns quickly (with treats and love). He will also need to get out to pee every 2-3 hours as he is a puppy. Ideal home for him will be where he has someone available in the house for most of the day. He stays well inthe crae, but for longer periods I would suggest an xpen with his crate in the pen.

He can be visited at our home in Seattle. I am going to miss this guy once he is adopted.

Here is how you can adopt him


  1. What a wonderful puppy indeed. You are so kind to foster him. Wish, for so many reasons, that I was still in Seattle. Best of luck finding him a wonderful forever home.

    1. Thanks! he found a home and is going there this weekend