Friday, February 12, 2016


The hardest thing so far as a blogger and author has been to keep the negative opinions and reviews out of my head. Even though I know that 99% people love the food, the book, the blog recipes and do let me know, some comments or reviews just get to me.

For example with my book, some not as positive reviews means it is reaching many more people than the intended audience. But reading them is not fun. Sigh, reminder to self, one cannot please everyone. Just do what you do.


  1. Hi Richa it must be hard not to take people's opinions of your recipes personally. After all, they are your personal creations. I think you have a good handle on it, though. The long-reaching arm of your blog and book are touching even more people than you probably even imagined they would. If any one of your recipes aren't someone's cup-of-tea, it's probably b/c they don't drink tea. (So to speak). I'm not expressing myself well, grr. But I've cooked many, many, many of your recipes and have NEVER had a dud. And yours are just about the only recipes I make over and over again. You ARE amazing!! Keep up the great work. You have a large group of people who appreciate you and your work on recipe development. You go girl!!!! (And don't let the handful of naysayers get to you.)

    1. I love your tea analogy :) Thank you for this wonderful comment! Everyone needs motivation and perspective some days and I will be coming back to this post to read this on those days! Have a wonderful day!