Monday, July 14, 2014

Accepting Disability - post 1

What I Cannot do/WICND : Stand and talk for more than a few minutes. Talking to someone needs looking at a moving face. With the standing still already a big issue, this doesn't work out at all.
What I Can Do/WICD : Stand for an hour or longer in the kitchen and cook, move around, cook multiple things, write it down, take pictures, and also talk. This I have developed over the past years with practice. From being able to stand for just 10 minutes at a time to now.

WICND : watch most action movies or go to a theater
WICD : watch hindi movies coz they are usually light, and use stable camera work.

WICND : walk more than 2 blocks on flat concrete ground
WICD : walk 4 blocks on grass or slight elevation or climb stairs

WICND : go out and eat in a restaurant, because most do not have sofa type seatin and usually have too much noise
WICD : go out and eat in some few restaurants or go out for coffee that do have sofas

WICND : read anything farther than 4 feet. it's basically like trying to read things which have 10 shadow images.
WICD : read on the machine. I do need new glasses to help though.

WICND : fly out for a vacation to a beachy town
WICD : drive out to a beach in the PNW

sucks, but thats life. I can do a lot more than what I could do one year back. :)


  1. I just discovered your beautiful food website and this heartfelt blog too! I can relate with everything you type in my own way!

    I too suffer from a disability, that physically restricts how much and what I can do these days, but I have also found an outlet of being creative in the kitchen to where I can zone out and get lost in the art of cooking. I am so impressed with the beautiful cookbook you published while also living with an extra set of challenges for getting by! I just self published a cookbook too, geared at helping those with my illness.

    You inspire me!! I am starting to work on my next cookbook which I hope will appeal to a wider audience, and I I thank you for showing the rest of us it can be done!!


    1. Thank you Andrea. I am so happy to hear about your books and all the work in the kitchen! Time in the kitchen definitely calms me as well. I am also very happy to hear that you love my cookbook :)
      All the very best for the next book!