Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Another day another reminder

Its been 3 years already..

3 years since the UW Neurology department reminded me that i need to do follow up MRI. which after a few months of delaying, i went for in may 2010 and got hit by the panic disorder. A reminder sits in the mail.

3 years since I had to meet my neurosurgeon, who is a brilliant technician and one of the best to let handle your brain, but lacks a bedside manner, who at every instance tells me that I am complaining about the problem too much or tell me that maybe I dont want to get better.(nasty!) This year i am changing my follow up to someone else.

3 years of re-fixing everything. The panic disorder pushed my progress with my balance back a year and i am yet to get it to a predictable state.

How do you deal with Post traumatic stress. How do you come to terms with the change in life. How do you get that closure. Till I can figure that out, the ptsd will keep coming back in some form or the other.. and keep putting huge blocks at my balance rehab and progress towards some things i want to be able to do.


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  2. ptsd, old style non-emotive male......
    what is that familiar sound, it goes "ching-ching"

    1. Sumati i have no clue what you are trying to say.
      PTSD is post traumatic stress disorder which i have post surgery.
      My dad is the sweetest, not as expressive dad as most are from their generation. He decided to transition to vegan diet recently and convinced my mom.