Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Me: Babe, Did you pack my toothbrush?
Hubbs: Yes.
Me: cool
Hubbs: And I put it in the tooth brush case and I washed the case too.
Me: good. the case hadnt been used in a while.
Hubbs: And I packed another toothbrush, just in case you had a problem with the brush i packed or the case.
Me: ;-D
Hubbs: I have a contingency plan for the contingency plan.
Me: Thats called being married for 7 years ;)


  1. Sweet, brings back memories of over a decade ago!
    Been following your blogs Richa, and am so impressed by your wonderful spirit - creative cooking and eloquent compassion for your fellow creatures' (if not necessarily human ;) ) pain ;), :), :|). All best and keep savouring the spice ;) in your (sic) life!

    1. Thanks sumati. i do have compassion for fellow humans :) there are a lot of good people in the world too:)
      Have a great 2013!

  2. Thanks for your heartfelt good wishes for next year Richa, I hope you feel all better now ;) ;) !!! It's truly heartening to know, raising 2 children, that the world is filled with wonderful, compassionate people like you.

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