Friday, August 24, 2012

Missionaries or not

I have had it with people comparing veganism and the supporters of Veganism to religious cults and missionaries.
Of course this is a deep uncomfortable discussion. confrontational, emotional and so many other things.

Someone tells you the truth and "makes " you feel bad, does not equate to the person being an insistent missionary shoving down his thoughts down your throat.
Irritation and feeling bad are 2 different things.

A fact is a fact and if you can categorize it as making you feel bad, then it probably is.
A fact that a living being is being brutally abused, tortured every single minute of his life in a tiny black hell hole, and ruthlessly slaughtered with pain and blood everywhere, for a pleasurable meal for you, is a "fact".

As someone eating it, you can either choose to ignore it and hence not feel anything about the said fact,
Or, feel something. That "something" is not being shoved down your throat.
That something comes from inside you. It is "your" reaction to the said fact.

It is not me.
or anyone else who put the information and picture in front of you to see and read!
It is not us.

And you feel bad , a teeny bit bad, for your choices at that instant, and then forget about it.

What about the people who have to look at you gorge down the bloodied animal and go mmmmm, or eat loads of cheese and take triple helpings.. ever see slowly staving to death baby calves?.

It freaking hurts so bad you wouldnt know. There is a tangible pain as if someone shot me in the heart.
It hurts, but I have to put that away and try to eat or continue with whatever discussions that were going on.. and shove some golf or tech down my throat.

Life goes on.. say "non dairy cheese" for the next picture.

end rant..

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