Saturday, February 04, 2012


V: we dont use milk coz cow isnt treated well and cows are not happy. (no one beleives that calves are killed)
Relatives(cousins and wives in India on the phone): where did you go to check on the cow if the cow wasnt happy.
V: we know
R: here the cows are happy, we give them peda(indian sweet made of cows milk!)
V: ok, we use cashew milk
R: why make cashew milk, eat the cashews. cow milk is complete food
V: it is not food for us, it is food for the calf.
R: dont drink tea or coffee. tea and coffee is bad for health
V: ok
R: ok we need to drink milk tea and gajar halwa now
V: omg ghor paap! (absolute sin... eating non veg is considered sin in certain castes in india.. so repeating the same thing for milk)
R: ok, talk to you later

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  1. Indian dairy is as horrible as every where else. However it gets to show itself to be holy and gentle.