Sunday, August 21, 2011


rant time!
Begin rant
grrr.. too hot.. horrid mood..
got my tripod.. but it seems more of a pin as of now for the photography. hubbs keeping moving my set up and its tiring to put it all back again.. grrr.. thats defintely a space problem.. need some 200 sq ft to myself for the food photography set up which currently resides in the living room..
hubbs been extreeeeemmmly busy this week..
gotta finish up so many things... uggghh
End Rant!

On a happier note.. We put up some "Hot car is an oven for your Dog" flyers, with phone numbers of Seattle animal control and non emergency police, around the block and on alaskan, Hempfest was for 3 days and 2 days were going to be really hot. Last year a few dogs died in hot cars :( and some others were rescued by police breaking windows. Amazingly some people took the phone number flags from the flyers! I am so happy about that!! Of course, hubbs took out time to go on Alaskan way to put the flyers in the sun with all that packing tape!. some brownie points for that. now I just hope next week is a bit light for him else both of us will go a bit crazy!

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