Monday, June 13, 2011

No work work

And that is definitely why I have so much time on my hands to attract all sorts of news.. read and read (though i hardly can read more than a page every hour) and be all preachy... And there is always reasons like, maybe if I was working I wouldnt be doing things for animals, or going vegan or being super preachy!..
I dont know.. But I'd like to think, that I would still find time to do the things I am passionate about, at some point or the other..

I was a member of the local SPCA and WWF(World wildlife fund) when I was in high school, though at that time the SPCA was hardly active as an organization. I was also similarly preachy :). I went through a few years of giving up meat till I hit college(bachelors).. Then the focus on animal causes took a backseat in between admissions, exams, general frilly teenage life and so on.. I gave up meat again some years into college(undergrad).. and my memory fails me about how preachy or not I was, but hubbs reminds me otherwise. According to him, I was blabbing animal rights, leather and activism when he met me.. and he thought that I was a bit weird :D:D .. wasnt nuts enough for him to not marry me eventually though ;)

Cut to coming to the US for my masters and that was one busy 2 years, then job and a mix of work, overwork, study and fun life..then of course getting married and another year went by!. Looking back on those 5-6 years(2001-2006).. I can see how I didnt take any time out for my passion for animal welfare.. It seems like a combination of busyness, out of sight out of mind(you dont see enough animal cruelty right in front of your eyes in the US as you would in India), friend circle, money(oh yes, u start earning the first time in your life and want to party and spend it all, though I saved enough to put some in my ridiculously expensive wedding)... Of course I could have done things a bit differently.. but who doesnt get caught up in life life.. Though the hidden passion was already showing up in my dissatisfaction with my work.. it was like a feeling of not doing enough for someone, for some thing for some bigger cause..

Then anyway, this train hit a mountain and got derailed and on a completely, randomly, way off track... the track of recovery.. where you have to be selfish and work on yourself.. If you cant survive by yourself, you cant do anything for anyone else...

And the last few years has been about recovery, hobbies, passion.. cooking..blogging.. animals, reducing suffering, environment.. and so it goes.. doing things that keep me motivated.. make me happy!
There are several examples of people who work full time and still find time and energy for causes that are dear to them, be it animal welfare, people welfare, child and women abuse, environment, ecology, health, schools, economy, education, medicine, anything and everything that is not just about them, its about the bigger picture.. the bigger solution..

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